Is there an alternate power input on the devkit carrier board?

When my rover goes over very bumpy ground, the barrel power connector sometimes glitches power for a small interval, and that’s enough for the Jetson power monitor to shut down the module.
Currently, I hit it with some slow-set hot glue, and it seems to improve things, but I’d much rather have a more robust power input. Given that it only needs an amp or two, even regular 100 mil pin headers could do it.
Is there a reasonable second power input location on the devkit carrier board other than the barrel connector?

Hi :)

I’ve just looked through the schematics for you (you can find them here:

and it doesn’t seem that there is an alternate input instead of the DC jack

I mean, one of the solution would be to desolder the jack connector and solder your own cables. This should be ealisy doable (butmaybe risky)

I’m working for a starup that does robots on wheel and legs and we never had that problem come up, even when going up steps

This happens when my rolling robot (with 7" wheels) go over bumpy/rough terrain, like un-maintained lawns.

Maybe the 5.5x2.5mm barrel connector I’m using is a loose mate, too?

If the 19V barrel connector is through-hole, I can probably solder into it on the bottom; if not, I don’t have a heat gun for de-soldering SMD…

It is a though-hole, solder your cable on the pin can make the connection stronger.