Is there any telemetry in NVIDIA's GPU drivers for linux?

I would like to know if the NVIDIA GPU drivers for linux contain any telemetry, and if so, what information is collected and how long it is stored for. To be clear, I’m referring to installing the driver and required utilities only, with no other nvidia services installed.

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No, there isn’t any.

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NVIDIA support directed me to ask here because they only provide support for windows questions. (I also emailed NVIDIA’s privacy team and was ignored.)

Anyway, I installed the driver and captured network traffic for ~9 hours, and I didn’t see anything being sent to NVIDIA. Between that and generix’s answer I’m satisfied, but I still find it incredibly frustrating that NVIDIA won’t give an official answer.

Why are you mocking me for simply asking a question in the place I was directed to ask it?

You’ll notice I never said spyware or anything else inflammatory like that. You seem to think I’m paranoid for asking a question that didn’t and still doesn’t have a verified answer.

I thought telemetry was a possibility because a driver only install on windows contains telemetry (allegedly; it’s been a while since I used windows).

While the minimal driver install on Windows contains/ed not only the driver but also extra applications including telemetry, the linux driver is really only the naked driver. Only nuts and bolts and bugs, nothing else.
Keep in mind, most of the money nvidia makes in the linux sector is with datacenters. Those wouldn’t be delighted about any such thing as telemetry.

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It would be nice, if you could stop bullying people here.
It is not helping anyone. Also wasting peoples time. Also a sign of lack of social intelligence.
Thank you.

Well, since you’re apparently an expert in privacy, what makes my question so asinine? Maybe people would seem less dumb to you if you if you bothered explaining what they’re doing wrong instead of merely insulting them.

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