Is there telemetry in NVIDIA's proprietary Linux drivers?

Is there telemetry in NVIDIA’s proprietary Linux drivers?

I had a lot of problem installing NVIDIA drivers on Fedora using the RPMFusion and if-not-true… methods because of which I had to uninstall it, but there are some problems with the default Nouveau. I’m running Fedora 25.

I believe telemetry is only inflicted on Windoze users.

Only Ubuntu is known to do such kind of things, partly atleast.
I own Fedora myself, not 25 yet. I eard about some issues in 25, some said it’s a bit too fresh.
Maybe RPM Fusion packages are not already stable.
You can try my tool if you like. But anyways, think to config Selinux to permissive, it’s always a good idea when you install a tainted driver.

Are there no official members of NVIDIA who can answer this?

They have been pushed to stable

The older legacy drivers don’t support xorg-1.19 so are still absent.

So NVIDIA customer care has informed me that all latest drivers from them, including Linux drivers contain telemetry.

[b]You could disassemble them and see for yourself if drivers call any network functions but I’m pretty sure they don’t.