IS5030 (MIS5030Q-1SRC) Not booting, Status LED red


I was recently tasked with upgrading a cluster to Infiniband. I was provided with Mellanox MHQH29C-XTR PCIe cards for each node. Mellanox Passive copper cables and an Infiniscale IV switch mentioned in the title.

The cards work as I can directly connect two nodes together and they can communicate. The cables work as well as they were part of the card test. The switch however does not seem to be booting. the status LED stays red. Is there any way to trouble shoot the problem or should I have the switch returned? Below is the console output from the switch. It does not pass the PCI line nor does it ever prompt for a password.

Thank you in advance,

Ian G.

U-Boot 2009.01-04881-gd53a6fb EFM_PPC_M405EX EFM_1.1.2570 ppc (Aug 23 2011 - 15:38:30)

CPU: AMCC PowerPC 405EXr Rev. D at 333.333 MHz (PLB=166, OPB=83, EBC=83 MHz)

Security support

Bootstrap Option H - Boot ROM Location I2C (Addr 0x52)

16 kB I-Cache 16 kb D-Cache

Board: Mellanox PPC405EXr Board


I2C: ready

DRAM: 512 MB (ECC enabled 666 MHz, CL4)


NAND: 1024 MiB

PCI: Bus Dev VenId DevId Class Int

Hi Lan,

When the switch is loading check to see if there is an option to boot from the second partition.

I believe you should have 5 seconds to choose before booting to the default partitions.

If this does not work I would return the switch.


Hi Narlon,

This one, nor the new one that was purchased, allow me to choose a different option. That being said, the new one boots properly. The other switch was returned.

Is there a u-boot select pin inside of the switch?