Isaac ROS for JetPack 6

I flashed JetPack 6 without thinking to read the Isaac ROS documentation first and then noticed here that 5.1.2 is required. I can launch the Isaac Ros Common container, but running the image_publisher node gives an error of ‘GLIBC_2.34 not found’.

Should I wait for JetPack 6 support to become available or is there a way to work around this error?


Hi @azsupra ,

Currently, Isaac ROS doesn’t offer support for Jetpack 6, but we will release a new version updated.
At this time, we recommend to use Jetpack 5.1.2 following the official documentation Getting Started — isaac_ros_docs documentation

Hi @Raffaello,

Could you please share a rough timeline when Isaac ROS offers support for Jetpack 6? Will this be soon (January 2024) or rather somewhen in Q2 2024?


I currently don’t have a timeline to share. I will keep you posted as soon as possible.

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HI,@Raffaello, wether the next major update for isaac ros will support jetpack6 that based on ubuntu22.04?

Hi @wonderfulhugo, I moved your post here to

We don’t have a timeline to share, but I will keep you posted.


Hi @Raffaello , would also be interested for isaac ros in jetpack 6 :)
Thanks a lot

News coming soon!

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