Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 on Azure A10

Hello, I want to run Isaac Sim Docker container on Azure VM. I have a VM with single A10. The driver is installed in the container using Azure VM Extension. Based on Azure policy, GRID driver is installed.

(screenshot from the container)

When I run Isaac Sim in the container using the command provided here 3. Container Installation — isaacsim latest documentation I get following errors.

log.txt (72.5 KB)

Can you help me please?

Hi. Our instructions to install docker and Container Toolkit is outdated. Can you reinstall Container Toolkit with instructions here.
Next, follow the container deployment instructions.
Do you run Isaac Sim with ./

Hello, I know the guide for Container Toolkit is outdated. I installed it in a different way. nvidia-smi is working in the container, will confirm it with some CUDA run. Yes, I run it with ./

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I tried CUDA 11.2 sample in it’s official 11.2 container and it worked.

Any recommendation?

How about trying any other Vulkan apps. Isaac Sim and Kit is using Vulkan on Linux.

Try running this example.

Also try reinstalling other driver versions. Our recommended for Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 is 525.60.11 but the latest 525 or 535 drivers should work too.

Do note that the Vulkan drivers is included in the GPU drivers. You don’t need to install Vulkan SDK. The Vulkan SDK is also already included in our container.

You could also create your custom Isaac Sim container. See here.

I will take a look, thanks for the suggestion.

The problem is that I tried to reinstall the drivers, as I do on classical data center/desktop gpu, but didn’t work. MS explicitly says that GRID drivers have to be installed and my guess is that it can cause troubles.

I tried out Vulkan container and it works.

vulkaninfo output

and tests

Now trying a local docker container build as you shared.

The same issues with custome Dockerfile :/

I also reinstalled the drivers following this Azure N-series GPU driver setup for Linux - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Learn

Hi. Please try again with the latest Isaac Sim 2023.1.0. New Instructions here.

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