Isaac Sim Camera Class

Hi When using the Camera class extension via API,
the following error pops up. I am trying to use camera feature but the simulation stops due to the following error.

Hi @ashin.anandakrishnan - The error message indicates that the quats_to_rot_matrices function is not found in the omni.isaac.core.utils.torch module. This could be due to several reasons:

  1. The function does not exist: It’s possible that the quats_to_rot_matrices function does not exist in the omni.isaac.core.utils.torch module. You should check the documentation or the source code of the module to see if the function is available.
  2. Incorrect Isaac Sim version: If the function was added in a newer version of Isaac Sim, you might need to update your Isaac Sim installation to use it.
  3. The module is not correctly imported: Make sure you have correctly imported the omni.isaac.core.utils.torch module in your script.

If none of these suggestions solve your issue, please provide more details about your Isaac Sim version and the exact code you’re trying to run.