Isaac Sim | Camera Pointcloud is missing

Hello everyone!

I want to use the new Camera-class and get a pointcloud from it.
API link: Isaac Sensor Extension [omni.isaac.sensor] — isaac_sim mr3140 documentation

I was trying it with the script in the standalone_example of isaac_sim-2022.2.0 (adding camera.add_pointcloud_to_frame()). I have a “pointcloud” in the data frame but it consist of zero points…

I checked the clipping range and the cube/plane should be in sight. Did i miss something obvious?

Thanks in advance!

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Have you looked at this documentation?

This seems to be a Isaac 2022.2.0 bug. More details and temporary fix is provided here: Add_pointcloud_to_frame() API not working for (Isaac-sim 2022.2.0) - #4 by JohnsonS

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