RGB Pointcloud


thank you for fixing the ROS Camera Pointcloud Publisher in the latest release!
How i see it, it’s only possible to publish a mono Pointcloud while i need a RGB Pointcloud.

There is a workaround with http://wiki.ros.org/image_proc or probably PCL, too. This works, however it is quite resource-intensive.

Therefore my question: Is it possible to publish a RGB Pointcloud natively from Isaac Sim?
Otherwise i would appreciate it if it would be added in a future release.


Not currently possible, but I added to our feature tracker. Its technically not difficult and we’ll see what we can do in the short term.

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Sounds good, thank you!

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any update regarding ROS pointcloud importing into isaac sim somehow?

Were in the process of re-writing the ROS bridge in OmniGraph to allow arbitrary data to be published and subscribed from inside of sim. It will be possible to define custom nodes to render/visualize data in the viewport.