ROS2 - Publishing a realsense pointcloud

I’m trying to get isaac sim to publish a pointcloud, to simulate a realsense D435. I have the a msg publishing correctly and visible in RVIZ. But I have these questions:

  1. Is there a way to setup the ‘width’ of points cloud msg e.g the density of the plc getting published?

  2. When I modify the camera properties, the poindcloud deforms in different ways. For example changing the project from perspective to orthographic. Also when I change the aperture the points move and are also not correct. Which isn’t what I would expect. So do you know what the correct values for the camera should be to produce an accurate point cloud?

Hi @bren1 - The point cloud density or ‘width’ in Isaac Sim is determined by the resolution of the camera sensor that is used to generate the point cloud. You can adjust the resolution of the camera sensor to change the density of the point cloud. Higher resolution will result in a denser point cloud, and vice versa.

As for the camera properties, the RealSense D435 uses a perspective projection, so you should set the camera projection to perspective in Isaac Sim. The aperture setting in Isaac Sim controls the field of view of the camera.

Please note that changing the camera properties can affect the point cloud because the point cloud is generated based on the camera’s view of the scene. If the camera’s view changes due to changes in the projection or aperture, the point cloud will also change.