Isaac sim docker RTX engine creation failed

root@XXXX-System-Product-Name:/isaac-sim# runapp

host works, but docker container failed to enter the isaac sim

i update the driver to 550, the host works

after i reinstall the gpu driver, the docker cannot run.
even i docker restart and restart the docker service by
sudo systemctl restart docker

i sudo reboot, the error above(cannot start container) solved

these two log files are what i got after i run the
in the container. One is on driver 535, another is 550.

log_gpu_driver_535.txt (340.1 KB)
log_gpu_driver_550.txt (219.0 KB)

@qsmy122011 i am just a passerby, is it safe to assume you’ve already went through this doc to set up the docker?

Container Installation — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation (

yes, i did it. i install the nvidia docker conainer.