Isaac Sim - stopped launching after I checked off something in second window - can I get back that second window?

Worked wonderfully - hit launch, the window shows up with various options, then get started from there. Being a dummy, I set a checkbox that I thought would launch directly, missing that intermediate window. Now, when I hit launch on the Omniverse top level for Isaac Sim - seemingly nothing happens. However, a log file is generated (quickly), that seems to get errors and then finishes with ‘shutdown’.

Help - can I get back to where I was before? i.e., see that second window?

I’m on ubuntu 18. And repeat - this was working great till I checked off that checkbox!

kit_20210921_095654.log (37.4 KB)

whew - seems like there is a config file at

manually edit that and change auto_launch to false

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Yes. That the correct file for the launcher user config. We will add this to the docs.