Isaac Simulator IMU Sensor noise parameter

I’m trying to run the "ORB-SLAM3" algorithm using the dataset from isaac simulator. I got the two sensor data ( mono RGB Image and IMU Data )
My dataset from Isaac Simulator was acquired like below.

  • Settings
    Robot : a carter robot (single)
    scene : hospital
    sensor : mono rgb , imu
    ros1 noetic

But we need some parameters ( gyro noise, gyro walk, accelerometer noise, accelerometer walk ) to run the ORB-SLAM3.

But when i get the imu data in isaac simulator, there’s no any parameters like above. The covariance matric of imu data is also all 0. When i put the parameters all 0 to run the ORB-SLAM3, i got the sophus error (-nan ).

Are there any IMU parameter values provided by Isaac Simulator itself?
I understand that these values (gyro+accelerometer noise&walk) can be obtained through IMU calibration process. But i think it’s weird to calibrate simulation data, so I post it on this forum.

To sum up:
How can i get the parameters of the imu sensor of isaac Simulator?

  • Parameters : gyro noise, gyro walk, accelerometer noise, accelerometer walk

Thank you for reading this and If anyone know these problems, please reply me! Thank you so much!

Hi @phr0201 - Someone from our team will look at this question and get back to you.

There is no noise parameter from the imu_sensor. It reads the exact physics properties. You maybe be able to add some random noise yourself.
I have informed the team of the feature request.

Thank you so much for reply me!

I have some questions about the noise.

First, If then, the imu noise parameters (GyroNoise, GyroWalk, Accelerometer Noise, Accelerometer Walk) are all zero?

Second, when i drove the robot in isaac simulator, the robot vibrated. This effect(vibration) affects to imu noise value? If so, How can i get the imu noise parameters in that case?

IsaacSim does not create imu noise parameters. So if you are creating parameters for noise, and trying to send them to the imu sensors in IsaacSim then they will be ignored.
If the robot is vibrating because of the physics model, then the imu sensor should pick that up, because it is physics motion based. In that case, it would not be considered noise, it would just be the response from the imu sensor.
You could create small random numbers to add to the imu output, that would be the easiest way to add the simplest noise, but it may not be useful or accurate. What noise model you use will be up to you, because IsaacSim does not supply one for the imu sensor.

hi, I am also running orbslam3 with issac sim, but when I publish the IMU data to ros topic, the IMU frequency was only 20 + Hz. It’s too low. I publish the IMU data via the action graph. How do you do it? I want the frequency of the IMU at 100Hz

Hi, Action Graph will publish the imu topic at the same fps as the viewport maybe.
So that method have some limitations. Thus, If you want to adjust the imu topic yourself, you have to use the standalone workflow (python script for publishing imu topic).

ok. thank you!

hello! Do you know how to set the noise data of IMU now? Can you run orbslam3 successfully? I am currently running orbslam3’s monocular-IMU and Vins-Mono using ISSAC SIM. But none of them worked. I am not sure if it is the problem that IMU needs to be calibrated. So do we need to calibrate IMU in Issac sim? Or do you have a solution?

No, I also failed to run the ORB-SLAM3 with my own dataset from Isaac Simulator. I think the parameter(gyro, accelerometer) of the imu sensor in yaml file is wrong. I put the parameters all 0.0000 and then the errors are occurred.

In order to obtain the parameter, it seems that it can be obtained by calibration. but it feels strange to perform calibration in the simulation itself, so I am looking for another method now…

I calibrated the IMU using imu_utils and yesterday I was able to run Vins-Mono steadily, but orbslam3 still didn’t work. Today, vsin-mono cannot be run stably. I find that when I changed the frequency of the Imu from low to high, say from 30 to 100 to 200HZ, the noise of the output Imu reading also increased. Do you have that problem?

any further improvement on running ORB stereo-Inertial slam ? I still figuring out the solution.

Hello, thank you for your feedback, we will add further parameters for adjusting the noise level of the IMU in the upcoming releases

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