Isaacsim Assets(beta) cannot be loaded

2024-04-02 03:55:45 [75,079,460ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.browser.folder.core.models.folder_browser_data] Invalid URL:
2024-04-02 03:56:15 [75,109,493ms] [Error] [omni.kit.browser.folder.core.models.folder_browser_data] Timeout 10 seconds when listing Please check your network and connection to the url. Otherwise increase the timeout.

@wangzhen22 are you still having this problem? i am just another user but have seen for a few days there were other users having issues connecting to the NVIDIA assets and samples. but it should have been resolved by now. if not, i would probably make sure there are no firewall blocking your access.

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Still not working

Hi @wangzhen22, are you still seeing the error? Can you please try the latest 4.0.0 version of Isaac Sim?