Issac Sim 2022.2.0 | ROS2 Humble crash


When trying to run a simulation with the new ROS2 Humble bridge, Issac Sim crashes.

This is the crash log:
kit_20230108_172030.log (1.2 MB)

Does your graph have a ros2 context node?
If so can you click on it and in the property tab click the blue box on the output to reset it.

@Hammad_M I have reset all context nodes, still crashing:
kit_20230111_214426.log (1.2 MB)

Can you also re-save so that this node is updated to the new extension name

2023-01-11 19:44:57 [30,914ms] [Warning] [omni.isaac.sensor.scripts.extension] Updating node type from omni.isaac.isaac_sensor to omni.isaac.sensor for /nakai_container/SensorsGraph/isaac_read_imu_node. Please save and reload the asset, The omni.isaac.isaac_sensor extension was renamed to omni.isaac.sensor
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It works! thanks a lot. Not sure which answer to mark as solution, as it is requires both steps:

  1. Reset all context nodes’ output
  2. Save and reload
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Great, step 1 is due to a bug, I’ve merged a fix and it will be in the next minor release (2022.2.1)
step 2 will always be required if the file has old nodes that weren’t updated.

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