Issac Sim installation error related to pip versionu

Error occurred during installation of Isaac Sim: Command failed: “/home/dijinli/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.1/” >“/home/dijinli/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.1”/
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement werkzeug>=1.0.1 (from tensorboard) (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for werkzeug>=1.0.1
WARNING: You are using pip version 21.2.1+nv1; however, version 23.1.2 is available.
You should consider upgrading via the ‘/home/dijinli/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.1/kit/python/bin/python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip’ command.

Hi @dijinli574 - The error message indicates that the installation script is unable to find a suitable version of the werkzeug package, which is a dependency for tensorboard.

Here are a few steps you can take to resolve this issue:

  1. Upgrade pip: The warning message suggests that your version of pip is outdated. You can upgrade it by running the suggested command in your terminal:
/home/dijinli/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.1/kit/python/bin/python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip
  1. Install werkzeug manually: Try installing the werkzeug package manually using pip. You can do this by running the following command in your terminal:
pip install werkzeug

If the installation is successful, try installing Isaac Sim again.
3. Check your Python version: Make sure you are using a compatible version of Python. Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 requires Python 3.6 or later. You can check your Python version by running python --version in your terminal.
4. Check your network connection: The error might be due to a temporary issue with the Python Package Index (PyPI) or your network connection. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and try the installation again later.