Issues connecting to remote system in Visual Profiler

I am having issues connecting via SSH using Visual Profiler to the remote system on which my Tegra GPU is located.
I have followed the steps in the Visual Profiler guide for setting up a remote connection
There is no way to tell Visual Profiler’s ssh client to use a private key, which might be the issue. I have set up an .ssh/config file on my machine which could be an alternative solution (I’ve tested this and it works fine), but it doesn’t seem there is an option for Visual Profiler to use this .ssh/config file.

Please help


Can you please provide more information, like

Toolkit version (you can run command > “/usr/local/cuda/bin/nvcc --version”)
Host OS/platform
Target OS/platform
Are you getting error/warning while connecting to target?
Can you send log file /home/<user_name>/nvvp_workspace/.metadata/.log

Unfortunately nvvp doesn’t support private key