Jeston TK1 screen snow point

Hello Nvidia Experts,

I use k1 developer VR application. There are screen snow point. how i can solve that.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi liangjun,

May I know what’s your screen type? How does it connect with TK1?
And what tools/pipeline you’re using to developer your VR application?
Please provide more information then we can know how to provide the suggestion.


Hi kayccc:

Ok. I’m sorry.

I get the TK1 developer android source from .
Changed the surfaceflinger source, let opengl can process the current display GraphicBuffer(direct render).
And I test it with the simple opengl code like VR.
It looks like .
Begin is’t opengl share same GraphicBuffer with display device.
later is opengl share same GraphicBuffer with display device.
Then we can see the screen snow point.

I had test other developer device, It is ok.

Thank you.

I test many method to this, The TK1 opengl flash has on Vsync latency(16ms). How can I slove it.

Thank you.