JetPack 4.5.1 is not working after degrading from JetPack 5.1

I am working on project which uses AWS Lookout For Vision and I am using Jetson AGX XAVIER.
Initially I have installed JetPack 5.1 but later I came to know that AWS Greengrass Component of Lookout For Vision supports JetPack version 4.5.1 , 4.4.0, 4.5.0.
After that with the help of SDK Manager for JetPack version 4.5.1. I have installed JetPack 4.5.1 in AGX and for this I have used Ubuntu 18 on my Host PC. But this JetPack version is not working on my AGX.
I am facing the following Issues :

  1. USB is not working
  2. As USB is not working not able to access anything via keyboard and Mouse so that not able to accept license agreement which is coming at the time of installation process
  3. Booting is not happening properly
    I have attached Screenshot for your reference
    Kindly help me into this
    Error MSG.pdf (416.7 KB)


If you can see something printed on your monitor, then UART will definitely work.

The reason that you think it does not work could be what you are using from the beginning is not the UART interface…

BTW, I am talking about UART log. Not something else.

Thanks for your reply.
I have edited my query can you please have a look on that and suggest some solution.

Thanking you

No, my point is not “you don’t need to care about uart log”. My point is you should share us the uart log…

If you are sure you cannot see uart log, please share me how you dump the log…

I am not able to operate mouse & keyboard over USB. UART is typo I wanted to say USB is not working

Ok. Fine. That does not matter to me right now. I just want to know if you are able to dump uart log or not. This is just yes or no. Please answer it first so that I can guide the next step.


Please follow this page to connect micro usb port on your jetson. Open the console and power on the board.

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