Installing upstream kernel on Jetson AGX

Hey, I was recently tasked with installing a modified version of the upstream 5.4 linux kernel to the Nvidia Jetson AGX as part of a research project at my university. I decided to first attempt to install the vanilla 5.4 linux kernel by following the guide here: Running a mainline linux kernel on the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX.

Once I flash the device, it seems to get stuck on the nvidia logo during bootup. I’m wondering what the problem could be? I have my flash log attached in case it helps.

flashlog.txt (47.0 KB)

hello charlh7,

I’ve only see flash log to indicate you’ve update device tree blob.
please also setup J501 to use micro-USB connector provides access to the UART console, you should gather the bootloader logs for reference,

Currently having a bit of trouble accessing the bootloader logs through the UART. I noticed I was having a similar issue to this person: Jetson AGX Xavier USB Not Detected - #15 by curtissgf53.

After entering “dmesg --follow” and plugging in my usbc connector to j501, there is no change in the dmesg output. The nvidia logo remains displayed on my monitor connected to the jetson xavier agx.

hello charlh7,

it’s not the port with usb-c.
please refer to Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit User Guide .
it’s a micro-USB connector provides access to the UART console.

you may plug the cable and enable the serial port utility to access the bootloader, the default baudrate is 115200/8n1.