Failed to configure USB flashing port for device Mode - when Jetson Xavier AGX reboot after completion of Flash

I am working on project which uses AWS Lookout For Vision and I am using Jetson AGX XAVIER.
Initially I have installed JetPack 5.1 but later I came to know that AWS Greengrass Component of Lookout For Vision supports JetPack version 4.5.1 , 4.4.0, 4.5.0.
I have installed JetPack 4.5.1 in AGX and for this I have used Ubuntu 18 on my Host PC.
However, when I reboot the Jetson, I encountered the error of “Configure USB flashing port for device mode”, thus I can’t continue the further configuration when Jetson booted up with a graphic interface that requires the mouse or keyboard input through Jetson’s USB port…
As USB port is not working so that not able to accept license agreement which is coming at the time of installation process
Kindly help me into this.
Error_Jetson1.pdf (393.4 KB)

There is a script in your BSP folder Linux_for_Tegra.

Run it to configure the user account and reflash your board again. After you boot into system, use the uart serial console and dump dmesg to us so that we can help check what happened to your usb.

BTW, I am not sure why you two people file same questions twice.

How do I get script?

Did you flash your board with sdkmanager already or not? SDKM will put the script under Linux_for_Tegra/tools folder.

Not flashed with sdkmanager.

Sorry, I think it is a little bit wasting your time in such forth and back communication.

Could you try to elaborate more in each comment? For example, if you don’t flash your board with sdkmanager, then how did you flash your board? I don’t care about if you really use sdkmanager or not… if there is Linux_for_Tegra folder, then you can use it too.

Or actually you didn’t flash your board before?

I have followed “SOP_How to install Jetpack and Aetina BSP Patch” for installing Jetpack 4.5.1 on Ubuntu 16 Host system.
I have flashed the sdkmanager on board but still not able to get script under Linux_for_Tegra/tools folder.
SOP_How to install Jetpack and Aetina BSP Patch_v2.2 (1).pdf (895.5 KB)

Not sure if that is because jp4.5.1 is a little bit too old. Please download it from this link.

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