JetPack 4.5 Production Release with L4T 32.5

Hi @tobias.fischer1, the online VPI docs are showing as version 1.0 for me - if after refreshing, they still show as version 0.4.4 for you, you may want to clear your browser’s cache.

I can’t use USB camera on Jetpack 4.5.
I could use USB camera on jetpack 4.4.1.
Cheese : abnormal termination.
USB camera is logicool C910.
Please advice me.

Hi, I had to flash back to 4.4.1, since 4.5 failed repeatedly. Any ideas on what to do?

I’m sorry.

I can Use USB camera on my code.
I mistook a parameter.

But Chesse terminate abnormaly.

I am using Xavier Nx device and Jetpack 4.4 with TensorRT 7.1.3. I checked TensorRT 7.2.x is released for x86 architectures but not for the Jetson devices. Is there any way to use TensorRT 7.2.2 on Jetson devices right now or should we wait for the release of Jetpack 4.6 or 5 ?