Jetpack 4.6.1 install broken

We run $ docker run -it --rm --privileged -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb/ --name JetPack_TX2_Devkit sdkmanager --cli install --logintype devzone --product Jetson --target P2888-0001 --targetos Linux --version 4.6.1 --select 'Jetson OS' --deselect 'Jetson SDK Components' --flash all --license accept --staylogin true --datacollection disable --exitonfinish. It downloads, but when installing it suddenly fails:

No update is available.
To initiate login process open  ===== FLASHING FAILED ===== 
      - Drivers for Jetson: Installed
      - File System and OS: Installed
      - Flash Jetson AGX Xavier: Failed

  ===== Flashing failed - Total 3 components =====
  ===== 2 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped =====

In the end after 4 tries, one succeed.

Glad to know the installation successly, sometimes that might be network or USB cable issue.

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