Jetpack 6 Gpio not working

Maybee its my fault but some of the gpios aren’t working properly.
To be direct all gpios which are signed with the Value unused the pwm gpios i2c and can bus are working just fine.
Im using GitHub - NVIDIA/jetson-gpio: A Python library that enables the use of Jetson's GPIOs
for the gpios i followed the installation steps directly without any errors.

We are using a jetson orin agx 64gb devkit (we are very happy with it)

Thanks for your support

Can you try to modify the pinmux of the output pin so that the output pin is specified as output?

Thanks for your response I’ll try it but one question to Pinmux
Is there somewhere a list which I couldn’t find with all parameters and pin numbers so that I could use it like this example from the canbus
busybox devmem 0x0c303020 w 0x458


The TRM has the list of the pinmux register info.

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