JetPack on ARM VM on M1 MacBook Pro possible yet?

When I last tried to use my new Orin Nano, getting set up was difficult because I didn’t have an x86 machine around for the host software (what I understand to be called “JetPack”, as opposed to “L4T”). I’m wondering if that has changed? Can I install Jetpack 35.4.1 on an ARM Ubuntu VM?


For Orin Nano, you may use the pre-built SD card image.
Even if you can setup a stable connection between the device and the VM, some of the binaries used for flashing is still x86 only.

Maybe you can try Box64:

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Is it too much to ask for you guys to build ARM versions of these things?


The ARM binaries are of internal test purpose, so for public users, an x86 host PC is still required.

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