Jetson AGM Xavier shuts down in high power consumption mode


We use DC/DC converter to power our Jetson
waf150-24s12w 12V 150W
When the Jetson is set to MAXN shortly after power on the Jetson gets shut down, we have seen this issue with more then 1 Jetson.
When powered with original power supplier it workes.

Hi, can you try removing R135 on board?


  1. Please send me the board schematics.
  2. In all the HW documents there are no component RefDes so please specify the signal name
  3. Please describe why removing R135 will solve this issue


Please find the schematic of Xavier in DLC, there is a package of carrier board (P2822):

Please just try removing R135 so as to make sure if it works first.

Please refer to chapter 5.5.1, Dv/Vt Circuit Considerations, in OEM DG for this resistor design.