Removing R135 successfully desensitizes power bad circuit

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I am using an AGX in an embedded application that has two power sources and which it is normal operation for one power source (18V) to shut down. The other power source (15V) is summed with he 18BV source using a dual diode summer to power the AGX. With R135 installed as from the factory, when the 18V source was shut down, the AGX would do an immediate hard shutdown due to the VIN_PWR_PAD_N signal being asserted. Removing R135 prevents this signal from being asserted to the rest of the circuitry and my power summing scheme works properly now.

Can VIN_ADJ_GPIO be used to achieve the same effect as removing R135? It looks like this signal is driven by the CCG4, is there a supported way to tell the CCG4 to set this GPIO (if setting it would disable the VIN_PWR_BAD signal)?

Hi, no other supported way than removing R135.

What is the VIN_ADJ_GPIO signal used for?

USB PD support different voltage from adapter 5V / 2A, 12V / 5A or 20V / 5A.
If USB PD Controller detect adapter support 20V / 5A which power rating is able to supply JAX, then use VIN_ADJ_GPIO as VIN_PWR_BAD_N desert to tell system power is good now.

Thanks that makes sense. Is the CCG4 firmware source available so customers can modify it? I was thinking that it would be easier for my application to flash modified CCG4 firmware that turns off the VIN_PWR_BAD signal than to have to remove R135 on all the AGXes that I deploy.

We don’t support that 3rd-party firmware modification.

OK thanks.

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