Jetson AGX ORIN boot

I have a Jetson AGX ORIN development kit and I get the message “Warning: Test Key is Used”, after the NVIDIA Spash screen. Then the screen goes blank. Is there a way to reset the development KIT to get back to the eMMC image to be able to reboot? AT the moment I am stuck!

Hello and Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! This is the forum feedback section, no one from the Jetson team will see your post here. I am moving this topic over to the Jetson category for visibility.

You need to set up another x86 ubuntu 20.04 and use sdkmanager to flash your board.

Incidentally, every Jetson signs several partitions (sometimes in QSPI which you can’t see, but eMMC models have this in all the non-rootfs partitions). The key is a NULL key unless security fuses are burned. There is no error in seeing a test key used. Once security fuses are burned those partitions will be the only place that data is accepted from, and they must be signed by your particular key instead of a NULL key. Content in “/boot” which had previously been accepted would now be rejected. If this is not a product shipping to a customer, then I’d ignore this; even if it is shipping to a customer, you’d have to know if signing protection is needed (perhaps the end customer wants to do this).

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