Jetson AGX Xavier headless setup - no ttyACM port created on host

I’m trying to do a headless installation of a Jetson AGX Xavier DevKit but I’m confused by the instructions. The DevKit User Guide (12/17/2019) says “If no display is attached to the developer kit during this first boot, the initial configuration is “headless.” That is, you must communicate with the developer kit through a serial application on the host computer (e.g., puTTY) connected via a host serial port and the developer kit’s Micro-USB port.”

So I connected both the front USB-C connector and the Micro-USB port to my host computer. When I connect the Micro-USB ports, I see four ttyUSB* ports showing up in /dev. I use the screen command on all four of them. After the SDK Manager finished flashing the device, I can see startup debug messages on /dev/ttyUSB3. The last message says to complete the initial configuration on /dev/ttyACM*. However, I don’t see ttyACM ports showing up in /dev. What am I doing wrong?

For information, is your host PC in Win OS or Linux OS? do you flash JP4.4.1(r32.4.4)?

The host is Ubuntu 18.04. I didn’t even know that it could be Windows! And, yes, I’m using JP 4.4.1.

Hi andrea,

For first boot up and setup initial configuration on /dev/ttyACM* is working on host ubuntu 18.04.
Please check you are connect micro-USB cable (J501) and type-C port (J512) on Xavier to your host ubuntu.

Yes @carolyuu, as I mentioned in my original post, I have both the front USB-C connector and the Micro-USB port connected to my host computer. The /dev/ttyACM* don’t show up on the host, only four /dev/ttyUSB*.

Do you have other cable for a try? We can run it successfully. Probably it helps by changing the cable.

@DaneLLL, I tried with a different cable and a different host computer as well. Same result. I only see /dev/ttyUSB* but not /dev/ttyACM* is there any other ways to troubleshoot what’s wrong?

Please connect the Jetson device to PC first, then plug in the power cable to power on the device to see if working.