Jetson AGX Xavier shut down suddenly during camera capture with nvarguscamerasrc

Hi all,

JetPack : 4.3

I am using, a setup Jetson AGX Xavier with Leopard Imaging Deserializer and a custom MIPI-CSI 2 Camera, i am using the MAXN power mode.

When i launch the capture with gstreamer nvarguscamerasrc, the jetson shuts down during 5-10 min of capture (both of Jetson and the camera heat up).

Is there any reason for this behavior ?

The jeston is powred using a DC Ouput 19V
The LI deserializer board is powred using DC output 12V - 1.5 A

Can you please suggest solutions to avoid this behavior ?


Have external Fan to confirm it over heat cause the issue.

Hi @ShaneCCC,

It seems that when we use nvarguscamerasrc or argus to capture the core of the CPU up to 100%, i have noticed that the jetson reset when this latter up to 100% as you can see in the attached picture.

Do you have any idea what it has this behavior ? Notice that am using the MAXN power mode.


Run the tegrastats to check the thermal.

sudo tegrastats

Hi @ShaneCCC

I think there is an issue with JetPack (Maybe only in 4.3), because i’ve tested the camera capture with Yocto customized OS, i didn’t had any reset, and the fan is launched automatically, so the jetson doesn’t heat up.

JetPack 4.3 is too old, please upgrade to the latest one, Thanks

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