Jetson-Help screen white on white

After booting up my Jetson AGX Orin and completing the Getting Started steps I went into the help menu, but the text is white with a white background, so I am unable to see what is going on, but the links are showing up. Is there anyway to fix this?

I have no idea what you are talking about.
At least give some log or pictures.

This is what happens when I open up the help application and hover over a link

I just have the Jetson AGX Orin hooked up to a monitor, ethernet, keyboard and mouse

Here are some other applications open that don’t have the same problem.
This is the monitor that I am currently using, but I also switched monitors, so I don’t think it has to do with that

The settings also doesn’t have this problem, but when I changed the appearance to dark and standard the issue persists

Here’s the bash history. I’m not sure how to get to the log

Is there any reason you have to use this help APP?
I don’t know if that’s ever been guaranteed to work.

Is that how I download software onto it in order to use it? Is it better to use it in the headless configuration? Will I need to reconfigure it if I do?

What L4T version you are using?
That APP is directly from Ubuntu rootfs, and I don’t think it’s related to Jetson.

I believe it was R35

I mean what exact version.

R35 Revision 4.1

Does 35.5 give the same result?

How do I update it to that?

Find a Ubuntu host PC and use SDK Manager:
Anyway, I don’t think it’s worth time digging into it unless you really need instructions from it.

Ok sounds good. Will I need to do anything new if I use the orin board in the headless configuration?

You don’t have access to GUI with headless connection then why bother?

I meant will I have to run through setup again or differently here:
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