jetson-IO configuration not saved

Hi I’m working on a Jetson Xavier NX with jetpack 4.4
The image is expanded from SD to eMMC.

I recently want to work with Adafruit’s Dotstar SPI based LED with xavier nx.
I know i have to use sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ to reconfigure.
However, everytime i did it and save and reboot. It appears all the setting is reverse to default.

Does anyone seen the same trouble before?
Could it be due to that now OS is booted on eMMC (NVMe on Xaiver)??

Does any one know how to fix ?

hello paul.tsai,

please refer to developer guide, Configuring the 40-Pin Expansion Header.
Jetson‑IO is a Python-based tool that runs on the developer kit and modifies the Device Tree Blob (DTB) firmware so that a new configuration for the 40‑pin expansion header is applied when the developer kit is rebooted.

may I know what’s the modification you’re going to change?

I have the same problem. According to the 40-pin instructions (Tegra Linux Driver), I configured the PWM pins. Unfortunately after saving and rebooting, the settings are back to default. I also work with Jetson NX.

@paul.tsai Did you find a solution?

Hi Yes sort off.
The NX showing this problem, i had booted from NVMe.
So when i did reconfigure. it changes the configuration on the SD card but not on the NVMe. so everytime i reboot, it reverts back to normal.

Do you also have bootfrom NVMe.
If i just use M.2 SSD as storage it doesn’thave the problem.


Yes I am also booting from the NVMe…

Hey, I had the same problem and I’ve found the solution.
We need to reconfigure the pins from the SD card not from the SSD card. To do so, and as stated in the documentation by rootOnNVMe, we remove the file /etc/setssdroot.conf from the SD card. Then we reboot. The Jetson will be rebooted to SD card. Here we configure the pins as we wish. After finishing from the configuration, we put again the file setssdroot.conf into the folder etc in SD card. And we reboot… The system will reboot again into SSD card with the configuration we just set and it will be saved till we change it again from the SD card.