Jetson nano 10-1-A0 won't turn on

Hello, my jetson nano 10-1-A0 it turned on only once and when restarting it doesn’t turn on anymore, only the green led light. help me

Not sure what has been done on this device, suggest to reflash the OS image again.

If flash isn’t enough, then I suggest also posting the full serial console boot log (this shows what is going on even before Linux runs).

hello, I made a mistake when I deleted all the files that were in the emmc through the nano graphic interface, I restarted and it didn’t turn on anymore. I installed sdkmanager on another ubuntu 18.4 machine and when I connect jetson through the usb cable to the sdk manager it does not recognize should I proceed?

for me to post I need a USB to TTL cable, right?

The serial console does use a 3.3V serial USB UART set to 115200 8N1.

Thanks! I bought the serial USB UART 3.3V it will arrive at my house next week, while I wait for the usb cable to arrive, could you tell me how to reflash the OS image again?

This URL is for the 2GB model, but is basically the same, and is the gist of flashing:

The part to keep in mind when flashing is that dev kits which use the SD card are slightly different than eMMC models (flash on an eMMC puts in everything, but an SD card model may have steps separate for the SD card versus the module itself).

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