Jetson nano 2gb

I have in my possession the 2gb version on nano and installed the later jetpack .img to my SD card.
Upon boot on that version I had difficulties playing to this thing due to interface problems. Not optimised fonts anywhere etc. Tried other solutions on different versions, xubuntu 20.04, armbian and many more only to find I can’t install cuda dependencies and relevant stuff. So I’m a bit on a dead end, using either jetpack 4.6 and face all this unfriendly environment or using other versions and have no CUDA support at all. Is there any other version on xubuntu in 18 flavor that can install cuda or using the current 4.6 version and replace the desktop?

I need to gpu support in order to inference for yolo object detection through darknet.

Thanks in advance to any inputs

We don’t support any other kind of distribution. Maybe other users could share their experience.

I am more curious about what does that mean “No optimised fonts anywhere”? What did you see on your screen?

Hello Wayne, as i am using my TV for a monitor i cant seem to disguise characters everywhere. Its indiscernible seeing menu fonts. Well resolved yesterday after 2 weeks by changing fonts size through a sudo nano … command.

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