Jetson Nano Chess Arena Leela Zero

I have a Jetson Nano B01.

that inspires me.

I want to use it for chess
and use Arena Chess GUI
( arenalinux_aarch64_3.9beta.tar.gz )

Arena runs well of Win10 and Ubuntu 18.04 - also on Jetson Nano.

Almost all engines run - Leela Chess Zero also. Fine.

But there’s a problem: There are no figures (Fonts are ttf Figurine)
That’s very stupid in chess.

Please where can I search to solve the problem ?
Is it a problem with the graphics driver ?

Maybe someone is interested in chess - thanks you

excuse for my beautiful English

Does this software name a specific font package under Ubuntu 18.04? Many fonts are usually available which are not installed by default, so it is probably as simple as issuing the proper apt-get install command if you know of a package name. Drivers and fonts are very separate topics and there is no indication that drivers are involved in any way with a missing font. Basically, I think this is just a font issue and is unrelated to specific hardware or drivers…drivers simply display what they are told, but if it doesn’t know the shape of the font, it can’t display it.