Jetson Nano developer kit not working

Jetson nano developer kit 4 GB not working whiie power is on the board the power light in the board blink for two seconds and switches off after two seconds no display is coming in the monitor kindly reply solution for this problem

Usually that is a problem of the power supply needing tighter regulation. What are you using for power, and do you have an alternate you can try?

Duplicated issue.

In another post I reported a problem with the SDK not powering up and requesting a repair.
One day it suddenly powered up and later powered down and wouldn’t power up again.
Eventually I traced the problem to either the Ethernet or a USB problem with cables not seating properly. The cables do not fit snugly and move sideways perhaps causing a short.
I have now made sure they were all properly seated then used stiff single strand wire around them and secured to the HDMI cable so they can’t move.
No further problems since in the last week or so.
I have never had this problem with any other SBC or PC.

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