Jetson Nano failed to boot up on its first attempt

image : jp60dp-orin-nano-sd-card-image
SD card:Kingston Micro 256G U
Platform: Jetson Orin Nano (Developer Kit)

This is my first time booting up the Jetson Nano platform. After powering it on, the screen displays the information above, then the fan stops working, and the screen goes black. Could you please provide some suggestions to help me boot up properly?

I’ve tested two Jetsons, and both encounter the same situation. The boot sequence has the SD card as the first priority.


Are you using the older Nano? Or is this really Orin Nano? The two are very very different. The image you mention is for Orin.

Note that the L4T release is what actually gets flashed to a Jetson, and this is just Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers. The L4T release listing (along with a chart of which models are compatible with which release) is here:

If you look closely, there is the old Nano (which is TX1), a TX2 version, an Xavier version, and an Orin version. L4T R32.x is the newest release supporting the old Nano.

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