Jetson Orin Nano Fail to boot

I have successfully flashed the image into microSD card(I guess…), but when I inserted the card into the device and connect to the display, It turned out to be dark screen after showing me the image as follow:

btw I have try to modify the RAM capacity like this:

It didn’t work as well.

You need to flash the Jetson itself with a compatible release of software. The o/s is on the SD card, but the equivalent of a BIOS and boot chain is on QSPI memory which is part of the Jetson itself.

Note that L4T is what actually gets flashed, and this is just Linux plus NVIDIA drivers. JetPack/SDK Manager is a host PC GUI flash tool that installs L4T. Orin can use L4T R35.x or R36.x (which I think is still a “developer preview”, but probably close to being a stable release). The SD card itself will have either L4T R35.x or R36.x on it, and the content you flash to the QSPI must be compatible with that. You can find all of the L4T releases here, and pick the one which matches the SD card; then from that link you get the correct flash software:

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