Jetson Nano module pin compatibility


Is Nano module compatible with TX1/TX2 boards, please? May I put a Nano module on a TX1/2 board?
Question is for both Nano module that is now on devkit and for the (June released) Nano production!

P.S. They don’t seem compatible, this is just to double check and came back with the idea “How about make a new Nano module that is pin compatible with TX1/TX2?”

Hi cfgoian, they aren’t directly compatible as they are different sizes and use different connectors - Nano is a 260-pin SODIMM edge connector, while TX1/TX2 have a 400-pin board-to-board connector. NVIDIA doesn’t have plans to make a version that is the same.

In theory, a board designer or ecosystem partner could create an interposer adapter - kind of like ConnectTech’s Mimic converter for Xavier and TX1/TX2.