TX2 evaluation board

Hi to all and sorry for my trivial question.
I would like to know if exists an evaluation board for TX2 module. My problem is that we have tested an algorithm on Jetson Nano board and we would like to test the same software on TX2 board just to see the inference processing time difference.
Is it possible to replace the Nano module with TX2 module on the same Jetson Nano board?
Alternatively where can I buy an evaluation board for TX2 module?
Unfortunately I didn’t find any evaluation board for TX2 module on Nvidia site, so I am wondering how to test it.

Thanks in advance

Hi nennap,

TX2 module can’t work on Nano carrier board, they’re no compatible.
And we do not sell the TX2 devkit since the end of 2020, however you can still by it from our partners.
Please find the Jetson partner products from Jetson Partner Hardware Products | NVIDIA Developer