Jetson Nano Multiple communication B-G431B-ESC1

Hello to everyone, after hours and hours of searching i could not find a solution so here im to get some help about the next topic.
Basically im working right now on a quadruped robot using ROS, im using 12 motors with 12 drivers B-G431B-ESC1 the fact is that i can get all the joint angles (In radians using a float number or maybe in degreees using a int number) from ROS to send it to the motors (here is where comes the problem/question) i have 12 drivers each needs a motor angle that i get from ROS as i have said but using serial communication throught usb on each driver is not an option because jetson nano doesnt have so many usb ports, so on the data sheet of the driver it says that can handle CAN, PWM, UART communication, so here are the options:

  • UART: Jetson nano can run UART communication but again i will need 12 communications that i dont think that this is possible,
  • CAN: too complex just for sending motor positions and i will need a CAN adapter, not an option
  • PWM: Maybe? Just that i dont know if jetson can handle 12 pwm outputs, probably not.
    -An a last option is to use a Teensy board sending it the angles through serial communication with the Jetson and then from the Teensy to each driver with PWM?

It would be awesome if someone could help me with this huge communication.

Hi pmorenod,

We don’t have experience with using 12 motors with 12 drivers, and trying to find the suggestion from internal team, may other developers also can help to share experience if they done something similar.