JETSON NANO Processor IBIS model/ Datasheet

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We are using Jetson Nano SOM in our design. We are planning for SI simulation for Some of the high speed interfaces and we are need of IBIS model for the Processor. So can please help us in getting the IBIS model/Datasheet of the processor.

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Vinaya G

It could be found from Jetson download center.


Thanks for the response. I have got these details before from the Jetson download center. But I’m particularly looking for the details of the processor used in Jetson Nano module. I’m not able to find any information regarding AMI or IBIS model of the particular processor and its pin out details. Can you please help us in getting these details.

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Vinaya G

Addition to the above query, I tried to use the IBIS models named with BIMIPI4X_AFC.ibs(which is available in the link which you have shared above) for CSI interface simulation. But it looks like a single ended model, which i’m not able to assign to a differential IC model. It would be helpful if I get the complete integrated IBIS model of the processor like as it is provided for Tegra X1 model in the below path.

Thanks for your info, we are checking these internally, will update once available.

Hi team,

Any updates on these…?

IBIS in general

  • For Jetson TX1, we provided a single IBIS model file “tegra_x1_16x16mm.ibs”. This file covers all the pad types
  • For Jetson Nano, a similar file was provided, but not renamed. The file is “t210_mid.ibs” This is basically the same as the above file, but for the MID package instead of the DSC package.
  • For Nano also provided the separate pad IBIS models, which are nearly identical as the ones in the combined file above, but have a little additional info at the start of each section (RLC info).


  • The BIMIPI4X_AFX IBIS is provided as part of the combined IBIS model file mentioned above for both TX1 and Nano. For Nano also provided the separate file with that name. The information is basically the same, except for the RLC info mentioned above. This is only a single-ended model like the others.