I have a question that i want to install pycharm in jetson nano ,but faild … so is there anyone have experiences ? looking forward to reply.

It won’t be possible unless JetBrains rebuilds it for arm as it is not open source. You can check and see if JetBrains provides a package. I use PyCharm on a daily basis and love it but I doubt it would perform very well on the nano. It does many things in the background like indexing that would have to be turned off to avoid grinding the system to a halt. You may prefer a lighter weight ide like vs code (there are instructions on the form on building it), or even vim with syntax highlighting on.

It was open sourced, apparently.

Hi there, I have it running. PyCharm CE, that is. The „only“ issue that I had was that fsnotifier is not natively supported, and won‘t be started from the application. So I had to patch IDEA to do so: If you need a binary install package, I can put this somewhere on google drive or so.

For those who want to try it:

IDEA CE 191.7479 witch aarch64 fsnotifier:
PyCharm CE 191.7479 with aarch64 fsnotifier:

Install apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk, then download PyCharm from official website, after extracting go to the PyCharm’s folder, then to bin folder, then ./


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