Jetson Nano rebooting by itself

Hi everyone!
My Jetson Nano 4GB reboots spontaneously once in a while and I can’t find a pattern in that happening. following pictures show what is displayed after reboot. sometimes this happens several times in a row until its successful.
I’ve also attached the corresponding syslog and dmesg log. thanks for your help

sd1_dmesg_log.txt (57.6 KB)
syslog.txt (123.4 KB)

Is this an SD card dev kit model? Or an eMMC module on a third party carrier board?

The OOPS looks like it is a memory (perhaps SD card) error. One thing I’d suggest is that after it fails (assuming it is an SD card model), that you move the SD card to a host PC and have it “fix” filesystem errors. Then clone to a new SD card and see if a new SD helps (preferably a different brand or something known to work).

I have doubts the above would fix it, but this would be the first step anyway if it is an SD card model. There are a lot of SD cards out there which work “sometimes”, but are not reliable.

Also, post what else is attached to the Jetson, e.g., other storage devices.