Jetson Nano, start booting and then the display stops showing image

Hello, hope someone can help me with an issue with my Jetson Nano 2Gb.

Everything was ok and working as expected but today when I turn on my Jetson Nano it start to boot, I see some logs but then the display stops showing the image. I tried connecting another monitor and another HDMI cable but the problem persist.

Jetson Nano is less than a month new. Using a 5.1v, 3A Power supply.

Yesterday click ok to an update pop up screen in my Jetson Nano.

Here is a youtube video I recorded to show what is happening when starting my Jetson Nano:

Do you think the SD card gets damaged or corrupted and that is why I lost the video signal?

Thank you and kind regards,


I have had the same problems as well. If you do not need any of the updated packages then just reflash. If you do then my working solution is to reflash then use the software updater tool. Make sure the software updater tool pulls down all the current updates that can be installed. After lots of trial and error, I have determined that there is a package(s) in the ‘ubuntu base’ tab under the ‘others’ tab that when applied will cause the blank screen to show. You can install the ‘ubuntu base’ updates in the security tab and all of the nvidia and security updates without issue. Or you can selectively update exactly what is needed though you could possibly risk installing the package that breaks things.

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Thank you very much. I have tested just exactly what you said and you are right.

Reflashed sd card, configured everything, then clicked update and again blank screen. Reflashed sd card again and now I am not going to update anything anymore hahaha because installing the complete OpenCV package takes like 6 hours in my Jetson Nano.

Thanks again and hope this info help other users.

Kind regards