Jetson nano startup failed

When the Jetson nano is powered on, the screen first displays “Android Boot Menu: Continue, Fastboot Protocol, Boot recovery kernel, Reboot, Poweroff, Forced Recovery”, followed by “Continue booting”. What is the problem and what should I do? Thanks a lot.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks


I’m not sure why you got some Android things showing up, but have you tried to flash the SD card or flash the entire board with SDK Manager?
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I also used balena etcher in Windows, and see a similar menu as above:

Annoying is that the usb attached keyboard is not reacting, so I cannot continue :-/ I’m going to try and burn the .img using Linux, and hopefully this time will work out.

EDIT: I think balena etcher behaves differently depending upon the OS it runs on. I used it in Linux, and then inserted the SD card in the Jetson Nano, and the menu above did not appear.

I was also having issues to boot, but those were due to the power source. I got a 5V 3A adapter, and everything went well, so make sure you do have enough power to boot.

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