Jetson nano first time boot stuck at "continue booting"

I have flashed images in microSD card and first time start jetson nano. But “Android Boot Menu” appeared on the screen, and then stuck at “continue booting”.
I think it has nothing to do with this microSD card, because i changed some other microSD cards, or i even don’t insert a microSD card, but the same situation always occured.

Suggest to use sdkmanager/jetpack to flash your board first:

  1. Prepare a Ubuntu 18.04 host with proper environment.
  2. Download and launch sdkmanager on this host.
    Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation
  3. Put the board into recovery mode and connect micro usb cable. If entering RCM (recovery mode) correctly, your host should see nvidia corp with command “lsusb”
  4. Start the flash procedure by sdkmanager GUI tool.

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