Jetson NX PCIe endpoint and root complex 2 domains

Please help with the question on designing custom board with Xavier NX module in the PCIe endpoint mode. We need NX in endpoint mode to be connected to a root complex with PCIe Ctrl#5. Locally to endpoint NX we need to implement NVMe memory connected to PCIe Ctrl#4. Does NX module supports 2 PCIe domains root complex on Ctrl#4 and endpoint on Ctrl#5? If it does how to configure ODMDATA in .conf? Any info/guide/other considerations would be helpful.
If it doesn’t what is the way to increase available memory over16G emmc for endpoint NX?
Thank you

Yes. It does.

Please set the 12th bit to ‘1’ in the existing ODMDATA.

for any extra documentation, please refer to AGX’s documentation. As far as operating C5 controller in EP mode is concerned, it is the same.

I design carrier board which has PCIe (x1) Root CPU and Jetson NX.
Please assist with correct HW (on carrier board) and SW configurations.

Hi @vidyas
connecting NX as End Point (x1) to CPU and as Root Complex to M.2 NVMe possible?

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Hi sergey.shumyachkin,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue, Thanks