Jetson Xavier NX endpoint mode ODMDATA configuration

Hi all,

I’m trying to configure a Jetson Xavier NX devkit in endpoint mode. I followed the instructions for the AGX, but some instructions cannot be applied “as is” since the NX is a bit different.

The configuration file to be updated isn’t the p2972-0000.conf.common, but the one for the NX platform (p3668.conf.common). But, what is the value to be written to the ODMDATA to enable the C5 PCIE controller endpoint?

The current value is ODMDATA=0xB8190000;


Yes, The instruction is for Xavier AGX. It cannot be applied for Xavier NX.
We don’t support EP mode on Xavier NX.


thank you for the quick reply.
However, in the official documentation ([1] and [2]) there are notes about endpoint mode in the NX:

  • ‡ PCIe 1×1 supports Root Port only, 1×1/2/4 supports Root Port or Endpoint modes
  • End Point mode support C5 (provided converter is available for M.2 key-M slot)

Moreover, we asked directly to the support forum about it and they confirmed the possibility to enable that modality [3].
Are there more detailed information about it? We only need to understand which bit set on the ODMDATA to enable endpoint on the C5 PCIe controller.


[3] Jetson Xavier NX endpoint mode using E3317_A01 RX/TX Swap Board

Please try ODM data value 0xB8191000 to enable EP mode for C5 controller.

I tried with the suggested value and it seems to work (I could create the resources in controllers/141a0000.pcie_ep). Now I’m waiting for the cable production :-)

Thank you very much!