Jetson NX sd-card image download fail


I’m trying to download the Jetson NX image from the link provided at this page:$product,jetson_nano

Every time I try, using browser or wget, the download fails.

Is there some other way to downoad the image and other documents about Jetson NX?

That page does require logging in first. Does wget handle that? Also, that is just an index into docs.

I logged in to the site.

I would like to download the red marked part of the above file.

What exactly happens when you try this link from a browser?

Does your browser have javascript enabled, and cookies? Login via browser, followed by clicking on that should work. In the case of failing, what is the error message?

I use chrome browser enabled javascrips and cokies and there is no error message.

There is a problem that the download speed is different every hour. Downloading of files was completed in a time when the download speed was high.

I am wondering why this is happening.

I couldn’t tell you where the speed issue is. There are a lot of hops on the internet route, and some people in different regions of the world download from different sites. If you use WiFi, then your own WiFi could be an issue. If you have a shared bandwidth connection, e.g., from DSL, then it could be nothing more than competition from other people using the bandwidth. If many people are downloading at the same time from the web server, then it might be competition for available bandwidth from those people as well. Or any mix of the above. You could run a speed test of your connection both during “good” times and “bad” times to see if your connection itself differs:

Thanks @linuxdev

I’m completed download during good times.

Jetson NX SD image is downloaded is the file 42B,What to do about it

42 bytes is definitely too small. There is some sort of network or server error for this case. I’ve seen some other people mention issues downloading from China, and this may be something specific to your network route, or a stale cache from the NVIDIA servers. Someone from NVIDIA will have to look into this.

Hi everyone, we have our IT team looking into the issue, sorry about that!

Will update this thread when we have updated status.

Yes,many friends from this problem.
It begin about 6.25.morning in +8 Time zone.

Hi everyone,

Issue should be fixed, would you please try to download it again?


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